Case Study: BlackboxMyCar

1) Project Background & Overview

Started in 2012 in Vancouver, BC by Alex, BlackboxMyCar is the distributor of various high quality dash cams from Korea, Taiwan, and China across North America. Since its inception, the company has grown to become North America’s leading dash cam supplier. They work closely with many major dash cam companies including BlackVue, BlackSys, Thinkware, LG and more to bring only the best dash cams to its customers.

In 2014, Alex reached out to me and there began our 3-year journey into taking BlackboxMyCar to the next level.

BlackboxMyCar Logo
Agency: BlackboxMyCar
Client: Alex Jang
Position: Strategic Consultant & Designer
Role: UI/UX Design, Content Generation, Strategy
Timeline: 2014-2017

From 2012 to 2016: Version 1.0 to 2.0 (left to right)

2) Challenges: Identifying the Pain Points

As the Strategic & Design Consultant at, I am in charge of ensuring that the customers' digital experience is always a smooth and efficient one. When it comes to eCommerce, customer service, feedback and convenience is paramount. has been growing since its inception in 2012, but with mounting competition looming from a number of large eCommerce companies including Best Buy, Visions Electronics and Canada Dash Cams in recently years, along with the growing popularity of dash cams, here was a challenge that needed to be tackled, and fast.

When I first joined on board in November of 2014, I sat down with Alex, the CEO, and identified some challenges and solutions that we could do to start driving our market share. Alex was already great at day-to-day customer service, so that was one issue crossed off my list. However, from a technical standpoint, there were three clear challenges that needed to be addressed:

BlackboxMyCar - Image - 4.jpg

Awareness & Education

In 2014, dash cams were still a very new thing. While they were growing in popularity across Korea and Australia, it was still considered a fad in 2013-2014 within North America.

This challenge required client education, and thankfully, dash cam videos were some of the most useful tools to go viral with.

BlackboxMyCar - Website - 3.jpg

Outdated Website

Version 1.0 of the BlackboxMyCar website launched in 2012 was neither responsive nor mobile-friendly.

The site proved to be a technical challenge for customers, plus there was a lack of marketing engagement with new & existing customers. Outbound marketing was needed to push products into the market.

BlackboxMyCar - Business Cards - 1.jpg

Branding & Messaging

To stand out from the competition, you have to offer something that they don’t have. We needed to prioritize creating a tangible unique value proposition, something that would turn them into our biggest cheerleader to keep them coming back.

This was something I prioritized right from the get-go.

3) Solution: To the Next Level

Understand the Product & Drive the Value

We launched forward with a three-pronged strategy that was a combination of both inbound and outbound marketing. It was important to not only bring in new customers, but to retain the existing ones so they kept coming back. “Turn your customers into your cheerleaders”, because organic, word-of-mouth marketing has proven to be more valuable than any other form of marketing out there.

Unique value propositions were placed everywhere

Unique value propositions were placed everywhere

We attached these notes with coupon codes to thank customers

We attached these notes with coupon codes to thank customers

From integrating our value propositions into all outbound product pages…

i) Customer Awareness & Education

We understood our customers, and we knew that a tangible, value proposition would give them a reason to stay. We focussed on making their shopping experience as convenient as possible by providing assets such as free 1-day shipping, free installation tools, free YouTube guides, tutorials and more. Anything that they asked for to ensure that they had a positive experience with us.

All of these features were included front-and-center across our product pages to ensure visibility, and we even attached flyers and special discount codes to every order to educate customers on our history, and to keep them coming back.

Website 3.0 launched in 2016 with Shopify to enhance the experience

Website 3.0 launched in 2016 with Shopify to enhance the experience

Integrated user guides, reviews and more to answer all their questions

Integrated user guides, reviews and more to answer all their questions

…to launching user guides, tutorials and more to continuously engage users…

ii) Website 3.0 + Customer Segmentation

One of the biggest improvements that we made to BlackboxMyCar was rebuilding the website from scratch on the Shopify eCommerce Platform. Shopify is an extremely versatile platform that gives business owners the tools they need to manage their online assets, including managing their websites, product flow, customer records and more.

By building the new website on Shopify, we gave BlackboxMyCar a fresh, modern coat of paint, and gave customers a lot of new abilities, including user accounts, purchasing history, unique discount offers, product reviews and more. Shopify gave us the ability to understand our customers at a deeper level, and gave us the ability to market to them that much further.

The website now receives 200,000+ page views a month! In 2016-2017, we took the site even further by segmenting BlackboxMyCar into two sites; one that catered to USA and another that catered to Canada. This was completed to optimize our product selection and to maximize our profit margins.

Monthly email campaigns went out to bring customers in

Monthly email campaigns went out to bring customers in

New monthly website promotions to keep customers engaged

New monthly website promotions to keep customers engaged

…to launching monthly marketing campaigns to bring customers home for more

iii) Monthly Marketing Campaigns

Alex and I placed an emphasis on promoting hot up-and-coming products each month through email and print marketing (Mailchimp), highlighting their significance and encapsulating the experience to sell dash cams to users with provocative and engaging tagline. Alex spent a lot of time on due diligence to ensure that the products he sells meet his standard, and my job was to make sure that the customers knew that.

A number of strategies that we implemented included using unique discount codes to gauge customers’ interests, tracking their engagement rates on specific topics, and segmenting them into buckets to provide them with information that they would be interested in. Over a span of 2 years, the mailing list grew from under 500 to over 3,000.

4) Today: BlackboxMyCar

Today, BlackboxMyCar is growing faster than ever. The company just celebrated its 6-year anniversary, and have moved into a large office in Richmond, BC to accommodate its growth. I wish Alex all the best in his future endeavours.

Pictured is an infographic that was completed to celebrate the launch of BlackboxMyCar’s 4-year anniversary

Pictured is an infographic that was completed to celebrate the launch of BlackboxMyCar’s 4-year anniversary

Millions in Revenue Growth

Alex, founder of BlackboxMyCar

Alex, founder of BlackboxMyCar

Today, the company has an annual revenue of over $10+ million, and provides sales, installation and partnership services to thousands of customers across North America.

They have developed strong partnerships with distributors across North America to get their products in-store, and have become an advocate for dash cam safety in BC. Alex regularly is quoted by several news outlets including ICBC, GlobalBC and the Vancouver Sun for his work at BlackboxMyCar.

Exponential Team Growth

BlackboxMyCar’s office in Richmond, BC

BlackboxMyCar’s office in Richmond, BC

Due to the explosive growth of the business, Alex was able to grow his company from 3 people, to now a team of 30+ full-time team members. They have moved into a large office space in Richmond to accommodate the growth!

Alex has also set up multiple departments, including sales, support, marketing and design, HR, technicians, etc. with skilled managers under each team to drive the company forward.