Overview: BlackboxMyCar

Agency: BlackboxMyCar
Position: Business Consultant & Designer
Role: Leadership, UX/UI, Visual Design
Timeline: 2014-Present
URL: blackboxmycar.com

As the Strategic & Design Consultant at BlackboxMyCar.com, I am in charge of ensuring that the customers' digital experience is always a smooth and efficient one. When it comes to eCommerce, customer service & feedback is paramount. I work with the CEO in managing the monthly specials, Google Analytics, customer loyalty & feedback programs, key vendor partnership agreements & more to ensure that the customers are always getting exactly what they're looking for.

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Every month, I assist with the monthly promotions that are happening at BlackboxMyCar. I work closely with the CEO to ensure that we are promoting hot up-and-coming products for the month, highlighting their significance and encapsulating the experience to sell the dash cam to the user with very provocative, and engaging taglines. Take a look above at some of the graphics that have been created in the past months for BlackboxMyCar. 

Every monthly campaign typically comes with a website slider, individual product & collections pages, email newsletters, unique sales tools, contests, bonus giveaways, social media and more. Through the use of Google Tag Manager & unique coupon codes, we track every piece of marketing that we send out to our audience to ensure that we constantly adjust accordingly and use the right messaging to ensure that we are capturing leads who convert into sales.

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Located in Vancouver, Canada, BlackboxMyCar is the distributor of various high quality dash cams from Korea, Taiwan, and China.  Every product has to be approved by our team before having them brought over. We work very closely with many major dash cam companies to provide feedback and test any upcoming products.

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