BlackboxMyCar 3.0 Website has launched on Shopify!

Alex from BlackboxMyCar and I have been working very closely for over a year now on optimizing his sales channels and increasing the amount of traffic and sales on his website to over a couple thousand unique page views a day! A number of notable projects that I have worked on with BlackboxMyCar includes optimizing his email marketing campaigns, creating monthly sales promotions across his website to more recently (one of my favourite projects so far), designing an infographic that celebrated the 4th anniversary of BlackboxMyCar!

 You can view the full infographic here on the   BlackboxMyCar 3.0 website  .

You can view the full infographic here on the BlackboxMyCar 3.0 website.

Over the last 3 months, Alex and I have been contemplating the next iteration of BlackboxMyCar (call it, BlackboxMyCar 3.0); a brand new website that offers a fresh new purchasing experience for his customers for dash cams. Sitting down, I drew out a mind map of all the features that I knew he wanted on his website; easy and quick purchasing, account registration and management, customer research pieces, dash cam news & reviews, informative and SEO-optimized product pages and more. With those pieces in mind, combined with my knowledge of current web design trends, we embarked to create the next BlackboxMyCar website.

 You can view the new website LIVE on the   new BlackboxMyCar website  .

You can view the new website LIVE on the new BlackboxMyCar website.

The product pages were a key focus during our redesign, which is especially important as those are where users will spend the most time making their purchasing decision (not to mention, those are the pages that will generate the income). My thought process in creating those pages was that the key information such as the dash cam images and the Add to Cart button had to be above the fold (meaning they had to be the first items that users see as soon as they land on the page).

Everything else from videos, specifications, and descriptions were placed on the bottom of the page in a nicely organized manner so that users can find what they're looking for conveniently.

Take a look at one of the final product pages here. Note: Google does not recommend using accordions for product features, so I laid out all the information across the page for SEO purposes.

 Please take a look at  the product pages here .

Please take a look at the product pages here.

As always, I would love to hear your feedback below.

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