GoodLife Victoria Half Marathon - One Hell of a Race!

After completing the MEC Series 7 Half Marathon at Garry Point in Steveston, Richmond, BC last weekend and achieving a new personal best timing for a half marathon (yay!), I somehow also managed to tear my heel, so I unfortunately had to stop running and rest up for the entire week.

I had planned on participating in the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Half Marathon the week after with a couple of friends, so I really wanted to make sure that my leg was fully healed and be prepared to run my heart out (and possibly achieve another personal best?).

Fast forward this past weekend - with my leg just about 85% ready, and with absolutely no running (or exercise in general) this past week, my friends and I took the ferry across to Victoria for the run. This also marks my first time participating in a race outside of Vancouver, so I was very excited to make a statement!

GoodLife Victoria Half Marathon
GoodLife Victoria Half Marathon

Long story short, the course was very fun, but it was definitely a lot more challenging than I expected! There was a good mix of uphills and downhills, and I ended up placing 395/2818 half marathon participants. Not my fastest time, but not too shabby being still partially injured!

I look forward to blogging more runs in the future, and I also have a couple more exciting runs planned for next year as well! I have really been wanting to try a destination run, and I do plan on going somewhere outside of North America for that in the coming months.

Until next time!

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