Haven Mattress, The New Canadian Competitor to Leesa & Casper

It's been a while! Sorry for the absence - I've been busy with a lot of client work, and haven't had a chance to take the time to show it off. I have some very exciting news! Moving forward, I am going to put more focus into my blog content, adding more than just showing off what I am currently working on. Be sure to check back soon for more!

In other related news, I recently finished off a new website wireframe and mockup in Sketch for a new mattress company known as Haven Mattress. Their website is currently in the development phase to be designed in Shopify, but I am already getting excited to see this website come to fruition and go live.

I know there are already a number of big up-and-coming mattress companies out there already in the market like Casper & Leesa, but Haven Mattress intends to take their mattresses to a whole new level by delivering a product that is like no other. These are top-of-the-line made with Natural Bamboo with reinforced woven side panels for extra comfort and durability. Best of all, they are handcrafted directly in Canada by skilled Canadian craftmen & women! In fact, the most interesting part of Haven Mattress is that they offer a "Safe Haven 1 to 1 Promise", where they will donate a mattress to organizations that help those that are struggling within our community for every mattress sold.

I am proud to stand behind this company, and I look forward to helping Haven Mattress achieve great success in the future.

To fully explain my design process: The mockups were designed in Sketch, then were uploaded onto Zeplin.io for their developer to grab the assets out of, and shown off through Invision App for final feedback and review.

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