Malt & Marrow, a new Asian restaurant in Yaletown

This week, my co-workers and I at Convertus finished off a new website for a new client of ours! We busted our butts and completed this website from design to development in under 7 business days, a job well done to the team. I was in charge of the overall design direction & the content development behind the website, along with some minimal development work to ensure that the website was also responsive and UI-friendly.

My approach to this restaurant design was to create a website that was highly visual, with a stark emphasis on pictures of the food & the gastropub. While keeping in line with the branding of Malt and Marrow, I kept the design of the website extremely simple, and easy to read through so that the average consumer will have no problem looking for everything he/she is looking for before reserving a seat at the Gastrolounge.

Malt & Marrow is for a new Gastrolounge in the trendy Yaletown neighbourhood of Vancouver. They're all about three things: good drinks, good food and good company. Their menu is West Coast cuisine inspired from Northern European comfort food. They make everything in-house, using local and sustainable ingredients.

Interested in taking a look at the full site? Take a look hereIf you have any feedback for me please, let me know below. I would love to hear it!

Joseph Choi

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