A New Website Built For the Sea-to-Sky Field Hockey Club

And that's a wrap!

I was recently hired as a freelance web developer by Sea-to-Sky Field Hockey Club. They're a newly established field hockey club located on the North Shore of Vancouver serving members across the Lower Mainland through to Whistler. To coincide with the field hockey schedule that started in June, I had to rush the website to be completed from start to finish in under 2 weeks.

Given the short timeline, I decided to use Squarespace to tackle the task, given my familiarity with the content management system and its easy-to-use user interface. I kicked off this project by sitting down with the client and running through a number of questions, from "What would you like to see on your website?", to running through a number of benchmarks to ensure that I can meet their vision.

With that in mind, here are the results: The website officially took less than a week to complete, with a heavy focus on images for the visual impact on the sport. I would say this project was a success!

Interested in a website yourself? Contact me for more details today!