Our Upcoming Convertus CNVRT Conference at River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, BC

UPDATE // Website is now live at http://www.convertusworkshop.com.

Just a small update for an exciting event that I've been working on at Convertus! We recently announced that we are going to be hosting our very first automotive dealership conference at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, BC, bringing together a number of dealers across Western Canada in one location to educate them on digital marketing, organic & paid search and more.

I have been working on a number of collateral for the conference, from creating an interactive landing page for dealers to register on, to a number of print & web marketing materials that will be used to advertise this one-day event. I am excited to see this event turn out to be a success!

Here is a preview of the website that I have been building for the company. I approached this project understanding that the location and the date of the event needed to be in the forefront, knowing that information will be what dealers are looking for as soon as they enter the website.

Having worked in the dealership space for almost 4-5 years now, I understand that dealers appreciate websites that "flashes!", and "pops!" (insert other design-y words), so having lots of colours on the index page was important. Finally, I wanted to ensure that this landing page was consistent with the official Convertus website, thus the end product that you see below.

Let me know what you think below - I would appreciate your feedback!

Joseph Choi

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