Welcome to my Inner Mono-Blog!

Inner Mono-blog!

Hello everyone, welcome to my inner monologue. This is where I will share my thoughts and what I'm up to in my life, sharing with you my latest discoveries, achievements and successes that will hopefully help you in what you're doing as well!

I love to share stories, random thoughts and more - so let's get to know each other well. Let me know your thoughts below if you'd like to comment on my work as well.

Joseph Choi

Joseph Choi Marketing & Design, 488 Helmcken St, Vancouver, BC, V6B 6E4, Canada

Adventure Joe is my personal travel blog, where I document my daily adventures through my love of travelling, my obsession with capturing great photos and my desire in sharing fun tidbits and information about sights I find interesting! Let's go exploring!

When I'm not out and about, I am sitting behind a desk and being a creative nut, designing and developing new websites & interfaces for my clients, managing full-scale design projects and coming up with awesome marketing plans with them!

Want to learn more? I would love to have coffee with you, so reach out anytime :) Coffee's on me!