Welcome to my Inner Mono-Blog!

Inner Mono-blog!

Hello everyone, welcome to my inner monologue. This is where I will share my thoughts and what I'm up to in my life, sharing with you my latest discoveries, achievements and successes that will hopefully help you in what you're doing as well!

I love to share stories, random thoughts and more - so let's get to know each other well. Let me know your thoughts below if you'd like to comment on my work as well.

Joseph Choi

Joseph Choi Marketing & Design, 488 Helmcken St, Vancouver, BC, V6B 6E4, Canada

Joseph is an Simon Fraser University Alumni; BBA in the Faculty of Business and the Faculty of Communications, Arts & Technology (FCAT), minor in the Faculty of Communications. I love great stories - I have a deep passion for doing things that tells a great story, and I want to learn about yours. I’ve been fortunate enough to start / work with some amazing individuals in my life, building non-profits, charities, for-profit companies, etc. I love the freedom of creating something from nothing - it's absolutely rewarding. I love to fail hard and fast - it’s not only a great way to learn, but also a fantastic way to have some great stories and reflections to tell after. My natural curiosity for life is what drives me to explore new opportunities, and what typically leads me into scenarios (often funny!) most wouldn’t put themselves in. I love being personal - and I'm always open for great conversations. Message me today if you'd like to talk about technology, startups, design, business and more. Learn more on my portfolio: http://www.josephchoi.ca.