Overview: Convertus

Agency: Convertus
Position: Design Team Lead
Role: Leadership, UX/UI, Visual Design
Timeline: 2012-Present
URL: convertus.com

As the Design Team Lead at Convertus, I lead and manage a team of designers & developers to maintain and grow the brand identities of auto dealerships across Canada. Scaling and growing a portfolio of 40-50+ clients, our team achieves this feat by designing and developing responsive websites within a one-week timeframe. We manage this through customized design templates, proper documentation and hand-off processes from onboarding to design to development for maximum efficiency. With a strong culture of playing hard while working hard, Convertus possesses a fun, positive workplace with the smartest people you'll ever meet.

My Story

Convertus - Website

In early 2016, I took the lead in completely redesigning our company website with a fresh, new corporate brand identity, integrating a cleaner, simpler and more modern look. It was crucial that we understood what our typical customers were looking for when they went through our previous website, and looking through our Google Analytics, I used to research to come up with what you see above.

My three main goals for the new website were: impactful, easy-to-navigate & age-friendly. Being a B2B business, our target demographic are those who are older in the auto industry, and taking this approach, the home page needed to be very simple and text-based so that anybody who lands on it will immediately know what we do. This also creates a great & easy opportunity for A/B testing & scalability in the future. 

I take a very structured and careful approach when it comes to managing the Convertus brand identity. My number one priority as Design Team Lead is to ensure that we maintain our brand consistency through all the documents that we put out, especially our colours, typography, and messaging. Doing so will allow us to maintain our relevance to our customers, and for them to continue to use us as their preferred service provider.

Convertus - Folders

Convertus is an innovative digital marketing company that has asserted itself as a leader in digital search for automotive dealerships. We specialize in creating strategic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) solutions that work together to provide dealers with a major competitive advantage in the realm of online search. Our organic and paid search solutions are used by a wide range of successful dealerships across Canada and the United States.

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