Overview: One Big Movement

Agency: One Big Movement
Position: Co-Founder / Marketing Director
Role: Leadership, UX/UI, Visual Design
Timeline: 2011-2014
URL: onebigmovement.org

As the Co-Founder of One Big Movement, I co-created this not-for-profit organization after recognizing the seriousness of child poverty in BC. As the Marketing Director, we oversaw the growth of the organization by developing key educational programs at local schools and several community engagement events to shine a light on the issue. Leading a team of 12, we gained the opportunity to meet with government officials, participate in different online & print mediums, and engage in a variety of public speaking forums.

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In my role, I was in charge of managing the overall brand identity and marketing of One Big Movement, ensuring that we were seen as a credible non-profit organization that is out to do good.

On the marketing side, our volunteers represented the organization in a number of external events, including the Great Canadian Chill, AIDs Awareness Campaign, the Synergy Conference, and more.

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On the activism side, we took part in a number of external outreach events such as the Big Book Drive & the Big Baby Drive, where we organized charity fundraisers to collect books and baby supplies to aid low-income mothers & children who were a part of the YMCA & Salvation Army. Our most notable project was called Big LEAP, where we held weekly sessions at Sir William Macdonald Elementary near the Downtown Eastside with a class of students, investing in their potential by engaging them through mentorship and creative art to encourage them to become active citizens in their community.

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One Big Movement
One Big Movement
One Big Movement

One Big Movement (OBM) is a local not-for-profit organization that focuses on addressing the issue of child poverty through the mentorship of youth to become active citizens in the community across British Columbia. Child poverty is a prevalent issue in BC, and while there are many organizations who invest in the efforts overseas in developing countries, One Big Movement aims to address this issue on a local scale in BC. By investing in the power and potential of youth, we aim to develop a generation of leaders who will not only create awareness but will take action against child poverty.