Overview: SFU Entrepreneur of the Year

Agency: Enactus SFU
Position: Program Manager
Role: Leadership, Project Management
Timeline: 2011-2011
URL: sfusey.com

As the Program Manager of the SFU Entrepreneur of the Year, I brought the program to new heights by leading a team of 10 students in coordinating an 8-month long university-wide program targeted for student entrepreneurs. This program included workshops, competition & networking reception across the Lower Mainland for over 500+ industry professionals, students & entrepreneurs. The program was a rousing success at SFU, with over $24,000 in sponsorship including the likes of Ernst & Young, Visa, and more, and propelling the reputation of Simon Fraser University to new heights in the entrepreneurship space.

SFU Entrepreneur of the Year - Events

This was a real learning experience for me as I have never done something this grand of a scale before. Luckily, my team had a lot of talent, ranging from individuals who had some of the best creative marketing skills, to those with an eye for finding the right sponsors. Working towards a common goal, we were primed for success.

Working in such a short timeframe, it was important for everyone to be on the same page at all times. Bringing in my event management background, I laid out a timeline with a breakdown of goals and tasks so that everyone knew what they had to accomplish in time to ensure that we were always on track. We lacked a designer on the team, to which I took the extra step in acting as both the branding manager, as well as the program manager. It was an exciting experience being in both positions, and really allowed me to stay accountable to my team.

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Started in 2008, SFU Entrepreneur of the Year is an educational program that provides resources & a platform for student entrepreneurs to present their businesses in front of industry professionals. The objective of the program is not only to recognize the hard work that these student entrepreneurs have dedicated to their business, but to inspire others to follow in their footsteps in turning their dream ideas into reality.