Vancouver-Based Product Management, UI/UX Design and More

I approach projects meticulously by following a very structured front & back-end check-up process before even starting the work in order to gain a good understanding of your business and its industry. This audit allows me to understand your general web business presence, and to study your data to ensure that we are making the right moves for your business.
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Branding & Identity Solution

Refreshing your brand, or starting a new business? The Branding & Identity Solution is the perfect start for you when you’re establishing your small business / startup image to provide a professional online & offline presence.

Differentiation is key to helping you stand out amongst your competitors. Building a consistent brand identity across all your products from the start is the best & smartest way to help you save time later. This solution will not only help you build brand awareness, but also improve brand loyalty, leading to an increase in your customer conversion and business profits.

Services include:

  • Logo

  • Colours / Typography

  • Brand Messaging

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UI/UX Creation, Website Design & Development

Professionally establish your online presence by having a website that is modern, engaging, user-friendly and custom-designed to helps you stand out from the rest of your competition. I specialize in custom web designs, eCommerce web designs, business portals and any other UI/UX solutions for your small business.

Website solutions from wireframing, to mockups, to the development can be completed from start-to-finish in under 60 days. UI/UX creation will be dependent on scope of project.

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Marketing Design Solution

The Print / Web / Digital Marketing Solution is perfect for business owners looking for quick, one-time solutions for your online website; whether you want to bring your customers in by reaching out to them with a set of email newsletters, or you are looking for a custom landing page to promote your latest product, this is the solution for you:

What are you looking for?

  • Email Newsletter Marketing (Mailchimp, Mailerlite, etc.)

  • Product & Landing Pages

  • Print / Web Graphics (Posters, Flyers, Pamphlets, Business Cards, Etc.)

Ronald Prins - Sea to Sky Field Hockey Club
On behalf of the team, I’d like to thank you for your support and flexibility in providing us with a very professional looking web site as part of the Sea-to-Sky FHC launch. The feedback on the site has been very positive and you have provided us with a solid foundation upon which to build. As we grow as an organization and our needs continue to evolve, we will contact you if we require additional web site support.
Elaine & David Weiss, Co-Founders & Directors at Sea to Sky FHC

Why Work with Me?

By identifying and understanding your needs, I offer custom specialized solutions that are value-adding and effective. However, all this takes time, and that's why I only work with a limited number of clients at any given time so that you can get the attention that your business needs.

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Excellent Writer & Communicator

A good collaboration requires more than just doing the work. I work hard to make things easy-to-understand for the clients so they are a part of the experience.

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Self-Motivated Team Player

I do a lot of reading and self-learning, because I believe that constant improvements and knowledge sharing with those around me keeps things fun and exciting.

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Patient & Open-Minded Listener

A collaborative environment requires both talking and listening. I make sure my clients feel heard because their input is important to me.

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Collaborative Product Manager

It’s not about knowing everything. It’s about being resourceful enough to find the answers to the questions. I’ve been taught well in the art of Google-fu.

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