Awards & Accreditations

Startup Weekend

Start-Up Finalist

Startup Weekend Vancouver/Euro-Seattle

No Talk, All Action. Launch a Startup in 54 hours. Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individual, teams and communities.

Simon Fraser University SFU

SFU Beedie Student Impact Nominee

SFU Beedie Business

The SFU Beedie Student Impact Award is a recognition for a peer who is making a valuable contribution to the faculty, the university and off-campus. I was one of a handful of nominees who were selected to represent Beedie for my community involvement at the university.


Top 20 Student Leaders in Canada

Samsung Canada

Handpicked by Samsung Canada, I was honoured as one of the top 20 student leaders across Canada for the pursuit of my passion and contributions to my community through my not-for-profit organization, One Big Movement. As a result, Samsung became the leading sponsor for the organization’s speaking engagement, the Big Leap Arts Night event.

Simon Fraser University - SFU

P. Dermot Undergraduate Award

P. Dermot Murphy

Each year, two P. Dermot Murphy Undergraduate Awards is provided to undergraduate students registered in the Beedie School of Business who demonstrate good corporate citizenship, integrity and ethics.

Enactus Canada

Founder's Bursary Award

The John Dobson Foundation

Funded by The John Dobson Foundation and named after the founder of ACE, Ian Aitken, the Founder’s Bursary Program awards a total of $15,000 to outstanding students for their contributions to their Enactus Program.

Enactus Canada

Financial Literacy Champion

Enactus Regionals Competition

Leading a team of aspiring SFU students, we presented our Financial Literacy project in Enactus SFU called Hunger Actions against six other teams across Western Canada. In winning this competition, we were awarded $1,450, used to fund this program in the coming year to help local low-income women get back on their feet by teaching them financial literacy and healthy nutrition.

Nicholas Williams - Convertus
It is not often an individual embodies a combination of enthusiasm, passion, and determination that Joseph does. The fact that these are just some of his stand out qualities sets him above those few other that do. In my time working with Joseph I was continually impressed with the level of enthusiasm he brought to the team on a daily basis. Both professionally and personally, his ardent nature was a key part of his success.
Nicholas Williams, Managing Partner at Convertus

Speaking Engagement

SFU Student Entrepreneur of the Year (SEY)

Master of Ceremony

SFU Entrepreneur of the Year

Hosted annually as a key component of the entrepreneurship community at SFU since 2008, the SFU Entrepreneur of the Year Program is a two-part competition that helps both new and existing student entrepreneurs create opportunities for success, connect with industry professionals and provide these students with the fundamental skills and knowledge to achieve entrepreneurial excellence.

Simon Fraser University SFU

Beedie Ambassador

SFU Beedie Business

Chosen out of over 2,000 SFU Beedie School of Business students, I proudly represent the university at external networking events. Notable events that were attended include those organized by the YWCA, Board of Trade, Simon Fraser University, Ernst & Young and more.

Synergy Conference

Conference Presenter

Synergy Conference

Synergy Conference targets some of the brightest students across Simon Fraser University to gather a multilateral perspective on issues related to Beedie student organization sustainability. The conference invites leading alumni, business professionals and academia to speak to students and provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to help ensure a fully functional student organization.


Keynote Speaker

Spring Soirée

HRSA’s annual networking event, Spring Soirée, invites aspiring students from all post-secondary institutions in BC with a keen interest in the Human Resources field to network with their peers and local professionals. This is an opportunity for students to connect with professionals from the industry in an intimate and professional environment.